How to Choose the Best Trailer Hitch Lock

If you have a trailer and you often use it for your weekends, it is probably a good idea to invest your money in a good quality trailer hitch lock. Also known as the tow bar, the trailer hitch is basically a device that is attached to the vehicle’s chassis for the sake of towing. A lot of people tend to underestimate the importance of the lock, thinking that nothing bad will happen to the trailer.

You probably think, “Why would anyone steal my trailer?” or “Who would want to go to such a length to do such a thing?” Well, today’s thieves are smart and greedy – they will definitely steal anything unattended. Oh, yes… they will make sure that they can get their hands on your trailer, if possible. The lock itself will ‘bind’ the receiver and the hitch together. Nobody will be able to open it unless you have the key. The lock will make the receiver stay in place – no one will be able to lift it.

Having the lock is handy because you won’t have to constantly be worried about the trailer. Even when you leave it unattended, no one will be able to mess around with it – let alone taking it away.

Best Trailer Hitch Lock

Guides to Buy a Trailer Hitch Lock

What People Are Saying

If you check the review sections, you will see that there are different opinions and feedback from customers about the trailer hitch lock products described in the previous section:

  • The lock is definitely handy to protect the trailer from any theft attempt, especially in the areas where trailer theft is quite common.
  • Most people would like to have a lock that is easily installed and used. It is always great when the lock comes with manual construction or direction, no matter how seemingly easy It is
  • The ones with easy use and operation will be liked the most. After all, people really like the fuss-free application and implementation and yet the simple arrangement shouldn’t compromise the quality performance of the lock
  • It is great to have products that can be paired with different types of couplers from different manufacturers and brands. Having the quality universal item is definitely the things to like about the handy lock.
  • People always like high-quality items made from sturdy and trusted materials, such as stainless steel. The stronger the material is, a better protection it can offer. It would be great if the lock also comes with extra features, such as rust resistant or weather resistant feature.
  • People always like the device with solid construction for security reason and yet it should be equipped with the emergency plan – in case the lock is stuck and the users are locked out. The added emergency scheme will be able to help them deal with the lock without having to break the excessive sweat.

Trailer Hitch Lock Pros & Cons

Keep in mind, though, that everything always comes with its positive as well as negative aspects. To get you prepared with all of the possible options and planning, there are some basic pros and cons that you should know.

The Pros:

  • The trailer hitch lock is super handy if you want to protect your trailer from any possibility of stealing. A lot of the users are living in the areas where trailer theft is common. With the lock, they no longer need to worry about the trailer.
  • Most of the locks are coming with the universal mode, which means that it can be paired and matched with different couplers. It makes operation easier and simpler
  • The locks are mostly made from high-quality material and also premium construction. That’s why most of them are heavy and solid. Some of them are even coming with the thicker material that makes it difficult to break or cut.
  • The locks are easy to operate. Some may require a certain replacement of a certain part for the installation but the overall management isn’t difficult or complicated.
  • The performance of the locks is pretty impressive. All of the products here are coming with a tough and solid design. When it is used to tag the trailer, the lock is able to do its task without any doubts about the quality.
  • Some of the products are even coming with two keys, which add the convenience and use
  • All of the products are worth the spending. Their value is impressive and totally worth the price.

The Cons:

  • Products may come with different kinds of measurements and length. Some are too short while the others are too long for the standard measurement.
  • Products can be quite pricey although not excessively costly
  • The products may look solid and tough when it first arrived but after several weeks of use, they started to break or fall apart. It turned out that the quality design is pretty flimsy.

Useful Tips for Shoppers

In the event that you are trying to find the perfect trailer hitch lock for your needs, don’t be discouraged by the myriads options and variants.

  • First of all, you need to remember that the lock will be used to secure your trailer – which is the extension of your vehicle. That’s why durability should be your first priority. A durable lock will ensure that your trailer will stay in its place while improving its protection at the same time. What’s the point of having a lock if it is flimsy – and you know that it is easily damaged or broken it. Check for the material – you want to choose the solid and sturdy one.
  • On the contrary to what people believe, a reliable lock doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. In fact, the best products are those with a simple mechanism and yet super solid quality material. You want a lock that is simple to use and yet it won’t be easily unlockable. Comfort is important in this matter, and you should go with your guts whether this lock is comfortable for you.
  • You want to choose a lock that is easily used. Forget the complicated one that will make you spend a lot of time when fumbling with it. Simplicity in the use doesn’t mean that the quality should be low.
  • A lock with extra protection, such as anti-rust or corrosion resistant is always a good option. The lock will be used mostly in the outdoor setting, and it will be mostly exposed to different kinds of weather. You should choose a lock with strong and durable construction, and having the extra features will definitely help.
  • You also want to find a lock that has a nice fitting. That’s why having a universal lock is quite convenient because it enables you to fit it up with different parts – and it is quite handy on the matter of expenses and financial management.

About the Trailer Hitch Lock

Let’s not forget that such a lock comes with different kinds of variants, including designs and purposes. When you choose a trailer hitch lock, you want to think about its major purpose and functionality. Keep in mind that all locks can be broken – despite their claims that they are the best in the industry or that they are made from the best materials only. However, having such a lock can reduce their chances to break into your trailer and steal it away.

Think about the quality of the locks. Some are quite inexpensive, but they are easy to break. With only several blows of the sledgehammer, such a lock can break apart easily. You may want to look for aircraft aluminum or premium steel. The thieves will have to use blow torches or noise drillers, which can take quite a while for the thieves. They may not want to steal your trailer in the end because of the complication.

It is also a good idea to use another extra safety precaution. Using the lock alone isn’t the wisest option because it can always be broken into. If you want to protect your trailer, it would be a good idea to include another security feature because the key alone will definitely not enough. Should you be using two or even three types of locks? Should you be using other items that will make the hitch secured on its place? It is up to you.

Top-Rated Trailer Hitch Lock

The problem with this kind of lock is the abundance of variants and types. If you are going to choose one, it would be advisable that you check some of these products from different names and brands so you won’t have any regret when picking up an item.

AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/Trailer Coupler Lock

When you choose a hitch lock, you want to make sure that it is sturdy and reliable. Since it is going to be used mostly for towing and outdoor activities, you want a weather-resistant lock that is free from rust and durable. It’s a good thing that this trailer hitch lock is made from a premium quality that will resist rust, no matter the climates or weather. The lock also comes with a simple push and lock mechanism so it is easy to use.

This is the product that comes with various types of designs and variants. When compared to others, this one may be sold at a rather higher price (just a little high; not too much), but you can be sure about the quality. Even if thieves are trying to fiddle with it, they will only be left with disappointment and also regret.

Master Lock Trailer Lock

One of the things to like about the lock is the easy application and the sturdy design. If you are looking for a premium lock, it is only natural that you are looking for the tough and sturdy one –the one that can’t be easily fiddled around or even cut. Well, this lock has it all! The lock works just perfectly with all kinds of the trailer, RV, and vehicle hitches so you can be sure about the quality fit.

The design is durable and sturdy – you can tell that it is quite tough and buff. It has advanced locking technologies that will prevent any prying or picking. The quality of the lock itself is quite good, with corrosion and rust resistance. Despite the solid and quality design, you should have no problems using the lock. Installing and removing the lock is such a breeze!

Reese Towpower 7014700

This is another lock that can deter the thieves. Keep in mind, though, that determined and prepared thieves can always find a way to steal your trailer or RV – no matter how good you are to keep it safe. It would be a great idea to park your trailer in noticeable areas that you can monitor all of the times. However, it doesn’t mean that this lock isn’t important. First of all, it is great for towing. The quality design and construction will make sure that you can two the trailer safely and easily.

When you have to leave the trailer unattended, you won’t have to worry about the theft. The lock, at least, can deter them and show them that they won’t easily steal things. The swiveling clip is one of the features to like about the lock. But that’s not all because it is also easy to install and use.

Trimax UMAX100 Solid Hardened Steel Premium Universal Lock

From the name alone, you can tell that this lock is the universal type, which means that it can be used for all types and variants of couplers. One of the exclusive things about this device is its improved safety feature, especially with the dual ratchet locking mechanism. If you take a look at the design, you will see that this one is unique. It is different from other types of locks, especially because of the exclusive construction. For instance, it has a cover for the keyhole – intended to prevent dirt from coming in. The cover can slide up so grime and dirt can be sealed out.

There is also the hardened steel protection with 360 degrees design that will improve the safety. Using the lock is also easy and effortless. You only need to slide up the ball so it can reach the coupler – replacing the unique U-shackle. Quite unique and different, right?

Curt Manufacturing 23527 Hitch or Coupler Set Lock

The lock will protect your trailer or any towing vehicles with this coupler and hitch lock. This device works like the hitch clip and pin, where the design can be inserted to the fastener hole (generally on the receiver tube side) so it can make the ball mount (or hitch-mounted accessories) stay in place. The hitch pin will keep the ball mount attached firmly, but the hitch lock will secure the ball mount, preventing anyone with ill intention to steal your trailer or RV.

No one would be able to detach the ball mount and tow away your trailer. You can be sure that these items can lock firmly and securely, improving the security feature of the trailer. The coupler locks can fit the coupler latching type, including the two keys. Besides being easy to operate, this item comes with a chrome plated finish that is durable and solid. No need to worry about a thing when you have this lock.

RJ Lock – Nut replacement/Lock for Trailer Ball

This lock has a unique mechanism to replace the nut which is located under the hitching ball. Once the lock replaces the nut, it will protect your trailer from any theft attempt. Installation should be easy because you only need the 1-inch shank to remove the already existing nut. Once the nut has been removed, you can replace it with the lock. This is an item that is designed for universal use so you shouldn’t have any problems operating it.

The design is pretty solid and tough, and the quality of the construction is super great. It is corrosion resistant so you can expect a long-lasting use. The lock is also made with a perfect precision for the improved usability and functionality.  The lock is made from solid anodized billet aluminum for the house as well as the plated dense steel fitting. In short, it will only strengthen your trailer and prevent the thieves.

AMPLOCK U-HLP58 Hitch Lock

As one of the best trailer hitches locks ever designed and made, this variant comes with some of the greatest features. One of them is the quality of the materials – which are premium but it won’t hurt your wallet. With stainless steel main component, you can be sure that the lock will last for a long time. The solid construction enables the tough and firm lock, coming with reliable rust resistance ability. Even when used in all kinds of weather and climate, and it is often used for the outdoor setting, you can be sure that this lock won’t disappoint you.

The lock is made with a unique mechanism: the identification key technology and also the premium quality of materials. This lock is also easy to install and use, thanks to the lock and push system. As long as you can pay attention to the directions, you should be good to go.

CURT 23659 Coupler Trailer Lock

This is an item that can make your trailer stay in an intact and safe condition. With the lock and the special mechanism, this one can prevent any theft attempt and keep thieves at bay. This lock has a unique locking mechanism where it will prevent the trailer ball from inserting to the coupler. And because it includes in universal construction, the lock is designed to fit most of the couplers.

The construction and design are pretty solid, with the die cast lock and the dual ratchet mechanism. It is created with extra convenience at hand, so expect to find two keys within the set. The epoxy hammer tone finish is pretty durable for the extra protection. The universal feature is one of the things to like about the lock – it really gives you the simplicity and easiness in managing the lock without any fuss or hassle.

Connor Trailer Hitch Lock

When we are talking about the quality trailer lock, we are talking about the whole set: quality, finish, construction, and function. The lock is created with the quality construction that will save you a lot of time and prevent fumbling. You only need to operate it with a push to lock mechanism and you are done protecting the trailer. Just make sure that you have heard the click sound, and everything will be okay.

One of the major concerns about the quality lock is whether it is able to fit and secure the trailer. After all, you don’t want to secure it only to find out that it is actually flimsy. Such a thing won’t happen to this lock because you can be sure about the quality. The lock will protect your trailer and free your mind from worry. The lock is made from solid steel to ensure its strength. Not to mention that it also comes with impressive all weather resistant quality.


The hitch lock can definitely help you to protect the trailer.

However, you should also remember that all kinds of locks aren’t perfect – there is always a downside that can compromise the entire quality of the device.

If you have read the previous short description of the locks, you will learn that most of them are made from quality materials with tons of great features.

Although all of them aren’t perfect, you have to admit that each of them has their own strength.

Simply browse around and do your own research so you can finally choose the perfect trailer hitch lock for your needs.

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