How To Store Thule Cargo Box?

Cargo boxes prove to be a wonderful storage solution when it comes to free up space inside your vehicle and also to haul lots of stuff needed for your camping trip.

But once you are back from the trip, you cannot leave the box left to be on the top of the vehicle for all the time.

Hence, you need to completely aware of how you are going to these boxes before buying one.

Some prefer to leave it lying on the floor in their garage, but this leaves the box to be easily damaged and get dirty and rusted with all the dirt inside your garage.

Thule one of the leading cargo box manufacturers are known for producing some top of the line cargo box series, such as Thule Sonic cargo boxes,  also have come up with a solution to hang the cargo boxes in your ceiling with the Thule 571 Load Box Lift.

These lifts can be installed easily and if placed right above where you park the car in your garage, then mounting and unmounting the box of your vehicle can be pretty much easy.

How To Store Thule Cargo Box?

Features of Thule 571 Load Box Lift

  1. Provides an easy option to mount / unmount the box from your vehicle.
  2. A Crank is provided to lift the box from your car, leaving no physical work to be involved.
  3. Comes with mounting hardware.
  4. Installation is easy.
  5. Can be installed on any kinds of roofs.
  6. Can support up to 220 lbs of weight.
  7. Can also be used to lift canoes, skis, kayaks and sailboards.

how to store thule cargo box in garage

Thule 571 Load Box Lift – Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to carry and requires very less space to store. So you can keep it anywhere you want; you can also hang it, which requires no floor space.
  • Thule Box Lift 571 is the perfect device for you which can solve all your lifting related problems within your budget.
  • Thule 571 Box Lift is designed such a way it can carry 100kgs.
  • The most helpful device when you want to uplift any heavy device this thule 571 roof mount cargo box works perfectly.
  • This product comes with a warranty, so if you are facing any challenges, then you can easily ask for a refund, or you can replace your product. This product is really helpful, and you will never face any challenges with this and Thule lift 571 makes your job a lot easier.


Thule 571 is such kind of product which you can use lifelong.

However if you have any issue with the product or if the product is not working, there is no option to replace, your product would be repaired under the lifetime warranty, but you will not get any new product.

Thule Box Lift is bit pricey you may have to pay little extra if you want to get this product.

But looking at the usefulness of the product you may overlook the drawbacks.

Thule 572 Multi Lift – Cargo Box Lift

If you are looking for a Multi Lift which can be the best solution for storing your roof box or lifting heavy materials, then Thule 572 Multi Lift is the best product for your garage storage system.

Thule Lift is the most popular cargo box manufacturer. When you use this device, uplifting of any device becomes easier.

It is the most convenient way when you want to mount or unmount boxes from the vehicles.

Installation of this device is really easy, and you can hang it wherever you want. This device can be used to store everything from canoes, kayaks, surfboards, or SUP boards, etc.


  1. It is designed such a way so that it can be mounted on the ceiling of any garage.
  2. This device is made of steel, nylon, and synthetic cord. The weight is just 3.4kgs; you can easily carry it.
  3. It can easily carry 100kgs or 220lbs; the capacity is really amazing.
  4. It works amazingly with roof boxes, kayaks, and surfboards.


  • This product is very user-friendly, and you can carry it anywhere.
  • Thule storage lift is really helpful when you want to uplift any product. It makes your job easier, and the product is superior in quality.
  • Thule Multi Lift is one of the well-known names in the market which you can easily rely upon, and it has been serving the customers for decades. Thule 572 Multi Lift  being a product from Thule offers reliability and is covered under warranty.


  • The product is not covered under physical damage.
  • Very light in weight, looks like fragile.

Why you need to hang the boxes in the ceiling?

Hanging the cargo boxes in the ceiling will allow to free up lots of space in your garage.

If the cargo boxes are hanged right over where your vehicle will be parked, allows you to remove or mount the cargo box easily.

It also prevents the cargo boxes from getting damaged from all the dust and other materials in your garage.

Installation Video of Thule Load

What to look for when selecting a box lift?

There are lots of box lifting solutions available in the market, and one should analyze all the options to finalize on a solution taking into account the maximum weight it can support, the quality of the cranks and rods involved and the price.

Even some lifting solutions are provided with a long rope that could even lift the cargo boxes from the floor for about 8-10 ft.

Also ,  the rods that hold the cargo boxes comes with cushioned pads so that to prevent the rods from making any scratches or scuffs on your cargo boxes.

Since most of the box lifts come with a DIY (Do it yourself) manual, you can install the box lifts on your roof by yourself.

Make sure to check whether the box lifts come with tie down straps, as they provide additional protection for your cargo boxes in holding the box on top.

Is Wall Hanging your Cargo Boxes advisable?

Yes, one more solution that is available is to hang your cargo boxes in the wall using a wall hanger.

You can opt for wall hanging if you have a garage where you don’t have enough room on the top.

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